How Gen AI Can Enhance Customer Engagement and Sales Efforts Explained in Info-Tech Research Group's Latest Blueprint

Author(s): Mano Mohan Pallan

May 23, 2024As organizations struggle with the complexities of scaling personalized content, boosting customer engagement, and managing rising operational costs, the need for advanced technological solutions to support business operations is rapidly growing. While ChatGPT and generative AI (Gen AI) have become topics of interest lately, many organizations lack clarity on how to effectively leverage these technologies. In response to this situation, Info-Tech Research Group has published its latest blueprint, Generative AI Use Cases for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service. The global research and advisory firm’s comprehensive resource provides actionable insights and strategies to help IT leaders leverage Gen AI to drive sales and enhance customer retention through personalized content creation.

Info-Tech Research Group's "Generative AI Use Cases for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service" blueprint outlines several opportunities for using Gen AI to positively impact business operations in today's digital world.
"The explosive popularity of Gen AI is thanks to its low barrier to entry. Anyone can access these large language models (LLMs) at any time from any place on Earth for free," says Sai Krishna Rajaramagopalan, research analyst at Info-Tech Research Group. "This level of accessibility can be attributed to the fact that LLM owners like OpenAI and Google have a symbiotic relationship with end users. Companies need consumers to use their services to improve their models while users leverage Gen AI services to help with their everyday workflow, creating new content like blog posts, emails, and images. LLMs are offered free of cost for individual users and at minimal cost to businesses."

Info-Tech explains in the new blueprint that customer experience plays a pivotal role in setting companies apart, and Gen AI has incredible potential to help in this area by offering services at low cost. However, this affordability also brings significant challenges, such as IP infringement, data security issues, and the need for workplace transformation. To keep up with competitors, service professionals are pressured to use more sophisticated AI tools without fully understanding them. Info-Tech highlights the importance of IT leaders understanding both the capabilities and the limitations of Gen AI when integrating it into their work processes.

The firm’s research further explains that despite concerns about Gen AI's drawbacks, the revolutionary technology can be highly efficient in creating personalized marketing content, such as blogs, emails, pictures, and videos. In the Generative AI Use Cases for Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service blueprint, Info-Tech outlines several opportunities for using Gen AI to positively impact business operations, including the following examples:

  • Customized Marketing Content: Gen AI can use large language and image models to automatically generate content such as blog posts, articles, summaries, social media posts, product descriptions, webpages, pictures, and videos. The quality of generated content can be equal to or better than that of human-produced content since the AI models can learn about different types of customers from a large data set and identify patterns.

  • Conversational AI for customer support: Traditional chatbots can only answer specific preprogrammed questions. However, AI chatbots built with LLMs don’t have this limitation and can quickly respond to customer inquiries and provide personalized support more efficiently than traditional chatbots.

  • Personalized sales outreach: AI analyzes large amounts of customer data, such as demographics, past interactions, and purchase history, to create customized outreach efforts. This technology can seamlessly integrate with existing CRMs, allowing sales teams to track and analyze the effectiveness of personalized outreach efforts and measure key metrics.

By integrating Gen AI into their marketing, sales, and customer service strategies, organizations can unlock new levels of efficiency and personalization. Info-Tech’s latest blueprint equips IT leaders with the knowledge and tools to harness this transformative technology to maintain a competitive edge. As various industries navigate the complexities of modern markets, the firm advises that leveraging Gen AI can drive growth, enhance customer satisfaction, and position organizations at the forefront of innovation. This strategic approach ensures companies remain competitive and responsive to evolving customer needs.

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