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(6-Jan-10) Though no iPhone slayer, Nexus One – the Android OS-powered handset unveiled by Google Tuesday – will be a much sought after smartphone, say Canadian mobile market analysts.

"I'll want one when it gets here," said Mark Tauschek, lead analyst at Info-Tech Research Group in London, Ont.

Designed by Google and made by hardware partner HTC – the Nexus One handset runs Android OS 2.1

It's the search engine company's best shot yet at penetrating the white hot smartphone phone market, Tauschek said.

He said Nexus One has the potential to raise Google's profile in the smartphone market and elevate Android phones from geek to chic gear.   

The Info-Tech analyst, who has worked in the networking and telecommunications field for more than 10 years, dubbed Google's new offering as a "very fast and capable" HTC handset running the Android mobile OS.  

But the iPhone has a coolness factor that Nexus One will not be able to eclipse, he added.

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Search Code: 16265
Published: January 6, 2010
Last Revised: January 6, 2010

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