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A recent Info-Tech study found that 28% of mid-sized enterprises are piloting or implementing IT energy measurement, and another 25% plan to implement in the next 12 months. Adoption is driven by rising electricity costs, a need for data and guidance in planning future initiatives involving energy efficiency, and greater awareness of the impact of carbon emissions on energy consumption.

This note demonstrates how to move through a gradual but effective energy measurement implementation, including:

  • Adoption drivers for energy measurement solutions.
  • Simple, cost-effective metering solutions to estimate IT's total cost of energy.
  • Using the total energy estimate to educate stakeholders about the cost and impact of energy.
  • Building a solid business case for a formal measurement solution.
  • Success factors for moving through each stage of this energy measurement implementation approach.
  • A disguised case study of a real company, ABC Foods.

Understand how organizations can quantify the total cost of energy for IT, drive interest and attention for this operational cost, and ultimately build a business case for formal tools that allow full reporting, better infrastructure planning, and new quantifiable energy efficiency opportunities.

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