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Spotlight Research:

Estimate Maintenance Costs More Effectively

Don't let poor estimation make you another failed project statistic. Hear directly from the lead author, Altaz Valani, as he shares his team's key insights and recommended action plan for this project.

Some of the key takeaways we discussed:

  • Use both expert and parametric estimation processes to reduce your risk of dated or inaccurate application maintenance estimations (AMEs) which often lead to quality degradation and failure to meet business requirements.
  • Benchmarking your estimation costs against an industry standard should not be the end goal. Your objective in estimation is to reduce the variance between estimates and actual measurements.
  • Don’t underestimate the political element when obtaining approval. Addressing the needs of the most influential members will make it easier to signoff the project.

Upcoming Research:

SOA Testing: Get your horizontal and vertical strategy right to make this work.

With today’s increasingly distributed applications (both mobile and traditional), it makes sense to consider a SOA approach.

In this upcoming research we will look at how to test a system that has an unpredictable state, integrates within and without your organization, and cuts across business and technical domains.

Featured Speaker

Altaz Valani

Senior Research Director and Executive Advisor, Applications
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