Develop a Throughput Management Model

This webinar occured on November 20, 2014

About This Webinar

During the first 15 minutes of this webinar, Brian reviewed key insights from a recently published piece of research "Manage an Agile Portfolio."

After this, Brian and his invited subject-matter expert, Barry Cousins, discussed our main topic "Develop a Throughput Management Model for the Porfolio."

Develop a Throughput Management Model for the Porfolio

Throughput isn’t just about bottlenecks at the project execution level.

Projects are vulnerable to distraction and delay at every stage of the project lifecycle. Poor throughput leads to failure to achieve strategic objectives and erosion of trust in IT. 

Portfolio managers need to balance new project demand with organizational capacity and match project closure with process standards before the organization can effectively tackle deeper efficiency and productivity challenges.

We explored the following to help us understand the research landscape:

  • What are the barriers to improving project throughput?
  • Where are common bottlenecks in the project lifecycle?
  • What are the benefits of developing a throughput management model?

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Featured Speaker

Barry Cousins
Senior Research Director and Executive Advisor, PPM
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