Security Risk, Strategy & Governance - Tools

Information Security Program Gap Analysis Tool

To enable an effective security program, all areas of security need to be evaluated closely to determine where the organization sits currently and where it needs to go to...

Privacy Framework Tool

This tool provides you with a privacy framework that can be used to structure your program. In addition, it provides prioritization activities to help build your roadmap.

Privacy Analysis by Business Unit Tool

This tool provides a condensed privacy framework that focuses on tactical areas that affect business units.

Data Retention Schedule Tool – GDPR

Use this tool to dynamically document all data that is retained by the organization, how long it will be stored, and other details.

Technical Skills Workbook

Use this tool to evaluate the impact of different characteristics of skill needs and to decide how to acquire the skills.

Data Protection Impact Assessment Tool

To enable effective execution of compliance to the GDPR, a Data Protection Impact Assessment should be completed for processing activities that put data subjects at risk.

Control Framework Mapping Tool

This tool provides an easy cross-reference from Info-Tech's control framework to multiple NIST standard control frameworks.

Control Framework Mapping Reporting Tool

This tool generates reports based on mapping Info-Tech's control framework to multiple NIST standard control frameworks.

GDPR Initiative Prioritization Tool

To enable effective execution of compliance, GDPR initiatives should be evaluated and prioritized.

Security Architecture Recommendation Tool

This tool guides organizations in evaluating the complexity of their IT environment, their operational maturity, and the perceived value of security architecture. It then...
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