Project & Portfolio Management

Digital Transformation and Enterprise Portfolio Management in the Canadian Public Sector

Delivering exceptional digital services is a key goal for Canadian public sector organizations at all levels of government. The dynamic pace of digital transformation...

Create a Shareholder-Centric PMO Annual Report

Prepare an insightful window into the performance of the project portfolio and a roadmap for the future.

PPM Decision Support Review Workbook – Annual Report Version

The output of this tool can be used to establish the PPM dashboard and reporting strategies and priorities for your organization.

Top Five Tips for Monitoring IT Projects

Make it easy for your leadership to monitor key initiatives in the IT project portfolio.

Business Case Classification Matrix

Classify your projects to help determine the appropriate queue for business case development.

Build a Comprehensive Business Case – Storyboard

Help decision makers understand the ROI for large, complex projects using cash flow projections.

Build a Comprehensive Business Case

Build a better business case by understanding the finance basics, establishing the process governance, completing your analysis, and crafting a compelling executive...
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Comprehensive Business Case Analysis Tool

Info-Tech’s Comprehensive Business Case Analysis Tool can be used in conjunction with this storyboard and our Business Case Presentation template to help develop...

Executive Business Case Presentation

Use Info-Tech’s Business Case Executive Presentation to put your analysis into a consumable and concise format. Bring the requestor, sponsor, and BA or BRM together to...

Prepare an Actionable Roadmap for Your PMO – Phases 1-3

PMOs can’t do everything and be all things to all people. Define limits with a strong mandate and effective staffing. Make sure you have the skills and capacity to...
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