Project & Portfolio Management

Planview and Tasktop Announce Strategic Partnership to Enable Portfolio Management for Agile Organizations

To provide a single pane of glass for the work done across disparate teams, Planview announced a strategic partnership with Tasktop to expand its Agile Scaler offering....

Audit the Project Portfolio – Phase 2: Perform Project Portfolio Audit

This phase of the blueprint, Audit the Project Portfolio, will help you audit your portfolio and project management practices.

Prepare to Successfully Deploy PPM Software – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why preparing for PPM deployment will ensure that you get the most value out of the professional services you have purchased for...

Benefits Realization Assessment Tool

Use this tool to to connect with project sponsors to perform an analysis of the organizations current benefits delivery process.

Optimize IT Project Intake, Approval, and Prioritization – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you create a resource capacity-constrained, high-value project portfolio that achieves a balanced alignment between stakeholder needs and...

Level 2 Project Management Plan Template

Use this template to create a consolidated project management plan for medium, moderate-risk projects.

Create a Winning BPI Playbook – Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why you should invest in business process improvement.

Wrike Adds Fourth Feature to New Resource Management Tool

Wrike launched a resource management solution last November as an add-on to its current product. Wrike called it “Wrike Resource” and recently added the often-disputed...

Refine Your Estimation Practices With Top-Down Allocations – Phase 2: Develop and Refine a Reliable Estimate With Top-Down Allocations

This phase of the blueprint, Refine Your Estimation Practices With Top-Down Allocations, will help you use your project history to develop and validate expectations for...

EPMO Capabilities Survey

Perform our EPMO Capabilities Survey to assess executive needs and to ensure that leadership expectations are clearly set.
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