Custom Vendor Landscape: Wholesale Water Utility Billing Solutions

Utility billing systems refers to the software utilities that organizations use to process daily meter-to-cash operations, record all customer data, and conduct periodic...

Custom Vendor Landscape: Telecom Expense Management Software

Telecom expense management (TEM) software allows organizations to ingest, aggregate, analyze, and optimize all aspects of telecom expenses and billing.

Analyze Your ITSM Ticket Data

​​​This blueprint helps you identify your most crucial ticket data and analyze the data to continually mature your daily, weekly, and monthly IT service management...
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Maintain Continuity in a Power Outage Storyboard

A guide to help you focus on honing the organization’s ability to respond to, and maintain continuity during, a power outage.

Maintain Continuity in a Power Outage

You have critical infrastructure and systems in a location that is prone to power outages. You must maintain service continuity and critical systems, whether it is an...

Business Continuity Management Software Selection Guide

Understand key trends and differentiating features in the business continuity management (BCM) software marketspace to help you find the right fit.

BCM Vendor Evaluation Workbook

Use this workbook to define use cases and requirements to guide your selection.

BCM Software Selection Guide

Understand what you get in a business continuity management software solution and review trends and leading vendors.

Build a Service Desk Consolidation Strategy – Phases 1-3

Use this storyboard to understand why and how to design a strategy to consolidate multiple service desks into one.

Build a Service Desk Consolidation Strategy

Supporting multiple service desks can be costly and inefficient and produce poor or inconsistent service delivery. This project will help you build a strategy to...
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