Practical, Right-Sized BCP Case Study: Recovery Playbook

Recovery Playbook for Practical, Right-Sized BCP Case Study

Don’t Assume Payroll Is Your Highest BC/DR Priority

Organizations will often automatically assume that payroll is among their most critical process and first priority for recovery. However, workarounds and buffers in the...

Create Visual SOP Documents that Drive Process Optimization, Not Just Peace of Mind – Phases 1-3

Make SOPs work for you with visual documents that are easier to create and more effective for process management and optimization.

Create a Right-Sized Disaster Recovery Plan – Phase 4: Complete, Extend, and Maintain Your DRP

This phase of the blueprint, Create a Right-Sized Disaster Recovery Plan, will help you identify and prioritize major initiatives to streamline recovery.

Ayehu Gives Helping Hand in Building Automation Workflows

Ayehu gives users a helping hand in building workflows. The firm’s strategy aligns with a trend in the automation market, in which vendors are competing over usability...

XMPL Recovery Workflows

This document contains a set of workflows that outlines XMPL Medical's DRP at a high level.

ITSM Tool User Acceptance Test Plan Template

Use this template to develop a plan for user acceptance testing (UAT) for your ITSM tool.

Service Support Strategy Example – Insourcing

This document provides an example of a service support strategy with a focus on insourcing.

DR Test Plan Active Testing Handbook

Identify and document all the resources necessary to support the facilitator during an active DR test.

Develop a Business Continuity Plan – Phase 4: Complete Your BCP and Implement Governance

This phase of the blueprint, Develop a Business Continuity Plan, will help you establish a BCMS to govern and improve your BCP.
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