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Public Cloud IaaS Vendor Demo Script Template

Use this demonstration script to provide vendors with a consistent set of instructions, ensuring an objective comparison of product features.

Public Cloud IaaS RFP Template

Use Info-Tech’s Public Cloud IaaS Request for Proposal Template to help you understand which vendors can best meet your requirements.

Public Cloud IaaS Capacity Assessment Template

Use this template to guide you through the process of documenting and assessing your capacity requirements (both in the short and long term).

Public Cloud IaaS Work Breakdown Structure Template

Use this template to support your outlining of the steps required to successfully implement your public cloud solution into your environment.

Backup Architecture Strategy Plan

Use this template to help document and build a backup architecture strategy document for the organization that outlines the current situation and direction of the backup...

Backup Architecture Mapping Template

Use this template to map out your current and ideal backup architectures.

Backup Strategy Project Charter Template

A project charter serves several important functions. It organizes the backup selection and procurement project so that you can make efficient and effective resource...

Backup Software Vendor Demo Script

Use this template to support your business's evaluation of vendors and their solutions. Provide vendors with scenarios that prompt them to display not only their...

Backup Software RFP Template

Request for proposals provide organizations with the opportunity to give vendors a detailed account of the requirements and the expected capabilities of their desired...

Backup and Recovery Service Level Agreement Template

Ensure your designed processes are ready to be employed into the business environment by conducting a series of testing. Use this template to support process owners and...
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