Networks & Data Center - Storyboard

Storyboard: Optimize Systems Management to Improve IT Resilience and Proactivity

Effective systems management can be a critical driver toward IT maturity. However, many organizations continue to collect data without any idea of what to do with it....

Storyboard: Outsource Systems Management to Improve Capabilities and Reduce Costs

Outsourcing can extend your systems management capabilities and save money in the process, but many organizations report dissatisfaction with their outsourcing...

Storyboard: Outsource IT Infrastructure to Improve System Availability, Reliability, and Recovery

The question is no longer about whether to outsource, but when to outsource. Use this blueprint to help you plan and execute your outsourcing journey and avoid common...

Storyboard: Recover Data Center Space After IT Infrastructure Outsourcing

Get rid of your extra in-house data center space and equipment before you destroy your outsourcing business case.

Storyboard: Terminate the IT Infrastructure Outsourcing Relationship

This blueprint will guide you through the process of determining whether you should terminate your outsourcing agreement, developing an action plan, and executing the move.

Storyboard: Build or Refresh the Wireless LAN

This storyboard will guide your organization through the process of conducting either a complete WLAN build, or a refresh of your existing WLAN, from initial requirements...

Choose a Public Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service Partner – Phases 1-3

Choose the right Cloud IaaS solution that best fits your organization. Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provides a highly agile and low capital cost option to...

Choose a Public Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service Partner – Phase 1: Launch the Project and Collect Requirements

To successfully leverage the public cloud, project planning and stakeholder engagement must occur at the beginning of the project. Use this phase to support your planning...

Choose a Public Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service Partner – Phase 2: Select a Solution

Use this storyboard to guide your organization as you evaluate public cloud vendors, develop the assessment tool and RFP, and select the public cloud solution.

Choose a Public Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service Partner – Phase 3: Plan the Implementation

Even the best selected solution that is not implemented, communicated, or managed properly will fail. Prevent this risk from becoming reality with the right planning...
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