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Generational Shift in the Workplace Is Boosting Use of Video Conferencing: Lifesize

With the bulk of the millennial generation now fully in the workforce and moving into decision-maker roles, the way business gets done is changing. And it involves a lot...

Trello Hits 50 Million Registered Users and Gets New Capabilities

Atlassian-owned project management tool Trello has hit 50 million registered users, up from 19 million users when Atlassian acquired Trello in 2017. To celebrate,...

Adoption of Micro Focus’ Service Management Automation X Product Increasing Along With Deployment Options

Micro Focus announced that its Service Management Automation X (SMAX) product has grown its customer count by 133% over the past year and can now be deployed as SaaS in...

IaaS Will Suffer a Slow Death

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) will suffer a slow death as applications evolve to run on cloud platforms. The IaaS/PaaS/SaaS model of cloud services will die with it.

HPE Announces AI for SimpliVity Hyperconverged Infrastructure

HPE has ported over InfoSight Predictive Analytics platform from its 2017 acquisition of Nimble to its SimpliVity line, adding AI to the hyperconverged infrastructure...

Increased License Plate Capture Capabilities Build Additional Use Cases for Video Management Systems

With many video management system (VMS) vendors adding automatic license plate capture capabilities, the uses for this technology are expanding rapidly.

Ivideon Brings Facial Recognition to the Cloud

Cloud-based video surveillance and video analytics are growing. How will this affect privacy?

Microsoft Teams on Its Way to Being the Center of Your Workday With Bevy of New Features

Microsoft Teams received a bevy of new capabilities that focus on new ways to customize the experience for users and manage the workflow for administrators, all announced...

Krow Adds New Features to Improve Its Performance and Augment User Experience

Krow, a customer-centric professional services automation (PSA) solution, announced new features in its fall 2019 release, improving its customer experience and extending...

Microsoft Teams Client for Linux Confirmed

A Microsoft Teams client for Linux has been confirmed, with a preview becoming available by the end of 2019.
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