Infrastructure & Operations

FinOps Vendor Evaluation Workbook

This spreadsheet helps you formalize selection of cloud cost management platforms and set starting point for platform evaluation.

FinOps Roadmap

This Excel-based roadmap tool helps track outstanding implementation activities from your FinOps project.

FinOps Roles and Terminology Guide

This formal template helps you document FinOps roles and common FinOps terminology.

Performance Scorecard Template

Use this template to set a motivating system for improving cost management.

FinOps Strategy Template

This leadership-ready template helps you summarize your FinOps strategy.

Build a FinOps Strategy to Enable Dynamic Cloud Cost Management – Phases 1-3

This research helps you build FinOps processes for efficient cloud cost management and prepare to use automation for proactive cloud resource management.

Build a FinOps Strategy to Enable Dynamic Cloud Cost Management

For many organizations, jumping on the cloud bandwagon has not translated into immediate cost savings. Complex pricing models, misallocation of resources, and other...

Amazon's Bedrock: Unlocking the Gateway to Powerful Open LLMs

Amazon Bedrock offers unified API access to leading foundation models in the cloud, enabling organizations to build generative AI applications with ease, scalability, and...

Custom Vendor Landscape: Permit Systems

MPM platforms allow municipalities to intake permit submissions and associated documentation, triage them internally for review and assessment, set a disposition and...

Custom Vendor Landscape: Operating System Imaging and Deployment Solutions

Computer imaging is the process of creating and capturing golden images (preconfigured templates of contents) of an operating system from a reference computer for the...
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