Infrastructure & Operations

Storyboard: Implement Systems Management to Improve Availability and Visibility

This blueprint will help you implement a systems management solution to improve availability and visibility.

Map Technical Skills for a Changing Infrastructure & Operations Organization – Phase 1: Identify Skills Needs for Your Future State Environment

This phase of the blueprint, Map Technical Skills for a Changing Infrastructure & Operations Organization, will help you identify what skills are needed based on...

Extend the Service Desk to the Enterprise

Extending the service desk to business units beyond IT to other customer-facing business units can not only boost the performance of the department and improve end-user...
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Change Management Roadmap

This tool is designed to help organizations plan the implementation of their standardized change management practice.

ITSM Tool Implementation Project Charter Template

Use this template to create a project charter for your ITSM tool implementation project.

Containers Survival Guide for Infrastructure – Phase 2: Develop a Container Adoption Strategy

This phase of the Containers Survival Guide for Infrastructure blueprint will help you develop a short-term strategy for adopting containers on VMs, and develop a...

Mobile Strategy Workbook

Collect information, analyze approaches, and plan the implementation of the strategy all in one centralized location.

Software Audit Launch Email Template

This template will notify the management team of the impending audit.

Mentoring Agreement Template

Use the Mentoring Agreement Template to ensure understanding and agreement between both parties of the mentoring relationship.

Transaction Impact Analysis Tool

Not all transaction are created equal. Determine which transactions are the most critical and provide performance management support for them.
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