Infrastructure & Operations

Cloud Strategy and Action Plan – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you assess your workloads for cloud suitability, evaluate risks (and mitigate them), plot initiatives on a cloud roadmap, and communicate your...

Huawei and Nutanix Partner for HCI Hardware

Huawei and Nutanix collaborate for HCI hardware. Given the current political climate, is this wise?

Hacker Compromises Data of 106 Million Capital One Customers

A hacker has compromised 106 million Capital One customers after a data breach. But the real story might be less to do with cloud security itself and more to do with...

Cloud Instance Provisioning Standards Checklist

Use this template to help infrastructure and operations staff create cloud instances that comply with standards.

Latest Zoom Updates

The collaboration and video conferencing software company Zoom has announced new updates to its platform.

Create a Right-Sized Disaster Recovery Plan – Phase 3: Identify and Address Gaps in the Recovery Workflow

This phase of the blueprint, Create a Right-Sized Disaster Recovery Plan, will help you outline a recovery workflow and address risks and gaps.

With Over 350,000 Customers, Veeam Reaches $1 Billion in Annual Bookings

At VeeamON 2019, Veeam announced it had achieved $1billion in annual bookings. The software company attributes success to its ability to take advantage of Act 1:...

Printer Consolidation RFP Scoring Tool

Use this example RFP Scoring Tool to help assess which vendor proposal will meet your multifunction printers or fully managed printing services requirements. Use this...

Apps, Alexa, and Audio Hardware – Web Conferencing Vendors Try Different Approaches to Ease Setup Pains

Getting connected to the right virtual conference room too often involves juggling several remotes and playing guessing games with cables. Vendors in the space are aware...

Technology’s New Morality Play – Time to Throw Out the Script and Start Improvising

VMware challenges IT to be more than it may be comfortable with: technologists as members of an elite caste charged with the moral use of technology and guarding the...
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