Infrastructure & Operations - Tools

Data Center Build Project Planning and Monitoring Tool

Establishing the initial plan and design for the new data center can be a challenging task, especially for IT leaders who are inexperienced. Start the project off...

PC Power Saving Plans Reduce Costs and Environmental Impact

PC power savings aren't well understood by many organizations, but are easy to achieve and result in reduced energy consumption, cost savings, and lessened environmental...

Backup Media Appropriateness Assessment Tool

Organizations engaged in a backup architecture redesign must align their architecture with business properties and requirements to minimize costs, while ensuring adequate...

DRP Workbook

Record DRP information including document storage and contact/role information.

ITAM Vendor Shortlist Tool

Use this shortlist tool to compare ITAM vendors with weightings that meet your solution requirements.

Data Center Power Requirements Calculator

Estimating data center power requirements can be a daunting task, especially when the data center's power supply is not monitored as a separate unit. Calculate current...

PC Power Saving Plan Calculator

Organizations can cut PC energy consumption to save significant costs and reduce environmental impact. Use this tool to determine what cost savings are possible and to...

Desktop Virtualization Vendor Shortlist Tool

Info-Tech conducted its own market evaluation of six leading desktop virtualization solutions. Before sitting down with vendors, use this tool to narrow the vendors to a...

WAN Connectivity Chart

Get up to speed on what's available on the WAN connectivity market using this information chart.

Global Data Center Integration Data Collection Workbook

One of the first steps in preparing for global data center integration is to gather a list of all inventories. A comprehensive inventory of applications and...
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