Infrastructure & Operations - Storyboard

Develop an Availability and Capacity Management Plan – Phase 4: Identify and Mitigate Risks

This phase of the blueprint will help you identify and mitigate risks to capacity and availability.

Optimize Change Management – Phase 4: Build Implementation Plan

This phase of the blueprint, Optimize Change Management, will help you form an implementation plan for the project, including a communication plan, roadmap, and metrics...

Prepare for a DRP Audit – Phase 3: Prepare DRP Audit Documentation

Keep your DRP documentation manageable by creating a summary document for the auditor that outlines your DRP status and includes links to additional detailed...

Storyboard: Reduce Costs Through Printer Consolidation

Use this research to help you overcome the barriers to printer consolidation and successfully reduce costs.

Build an End-User Computing Strategy – Phase 1: Select Device/OS Combinations

This phase of the blueprint, Build an End-User Computing Strategy, will help you clarify your EUC needs.

Containers Survival Guide for Infrastructure – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you evaluate the adoption of containers in the enterprise as a means of packaging, developing, and deploying workloads.

Build a Service Support Strategy – Phase 1: Design Target State

This phase of the blueprint Build a Service Support Strategy will help you review service support trends and identify relevant organizational goals.

Storyboard: Create an Effective Plan to Implement IT Asset Management

Use the asset management blueprint to guide you from approval to implementation of a IT asset management solution.

Prepare and Defend Against a Software Audit – Phase 1: Prevent an Audit

This phase of the blueprint, Prepare and Defend Against a Software Audit, will help you take preventative measures to reduce the risk of an audit.

Select the Optimal Disaster Recovery Deployment Model – Phases 1-3

This blueprint will help you efficiently eliminate models that are not suited for your organization to narrow the scope of your search, compare the total cost of...
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