Infrastructure & Operations - Blueprints

Maintain Continuity in a Power Outage

You have critical infrastructure and systems in a location that is prone to power outages. You must maintain service continuity and critical systems, whether it is an...

Evaluate and Select Alternative Network Solutions

The process of selecting alternative network solutions involves considering factors such as scalability, performance, cost-effectiveness, and technology trends. By...

Prepare for Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft 365 Copilot has capabilities to revolutionize the ways users interact with tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams. It improves collaboration,...

Business Continuity Management Software Selection Guide

Understand key trends and differentiating features in the business continuity management (BCM) software marketspace to help you find the right fit.

Initiate Your Edge Computing Journey

Edge computing could give your business a competitive advantage by reducing latency while increasing privacy and reliability. But ensure you have all the relevant use...

Repatriate Cloud Services

Cloud costs may be unexpected or higher than expected due to factors such as data egress costs, storage costs, or fluctuating usage patterns. Payment models in the cloud...

Select the Ideal Infrastructure for Your AI Workload

The evolving landscape of AI development and hosting methods will have a significant impact on IT teams and managed infrastructure. Balancing AI integration into existing...

Infrastructure & Operations Priorities 2024

Review the five priorities in this report to identify which resonate with your own infrastructure priorities for 2024.

Govern Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is as difficult to wrangle as it is valuable. Leverage best practices to produce governance outcomes aligned with your goals.
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Align Backups With Your Data Protection Requirements

Use the Info-Tech approach of identify, assess, and align your backups with your organization’s data protection requirements.
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