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Deliver a Customer Service Training Program to Your IT Department

Deliver a targeted customer service training program to your IT team to enhance their customer service skills when dealing with end users. Improve overall service...
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Service Desk Future Trends

Due to the 2020 pandemic, millions of workers were forced to work remotely, and this has now become the new model of work for many businesses. In this research, we have...

Take Control of Cloud Costs on Microsoft Azure

Develop processes, procedures, and policies to effectively manage cloud costs.
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SD-WAN: Finally a WAN for the Rest of Us!

SD-WAN is a technology capable of delivering immediate business value in a very tangible, hard dollar way. It has a host of additional operational benefits, but most...

Take Control of Cloud Costs on AWS

Develop processes, procedures, and policies to effectively manage cloud costs.
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IT Asset Management (ITAM) Market Overview

Asset management isn’t a dying process, it’s just more complicated. Cloud hasn’t eliminated the need for asset management, it’s just become another hard-to-manage asset....

Implement Crisis Management Best Practices

Build an effective crisis management plan around a framework that enables your organization to respond to any crisis and manage the impact; from health and safety...
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Implement Infrastructure Shared Services

It looks advantageous to share services that are unanimously used throughout the organization. However, business units may be reluctant to leverage such services....
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Build a Cloud Security Strategy

Info-Tech has developed an approach to cloud security that is built on the strong foundations of our security strategy model that has been successfully implemented across...
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Optimize the Service Desk With a Shift Left Strategy

Shift left involves shifting ticket resolution from more costly resources to the first line of support and to end users, freeing up resources, reducing costs, and...
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