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Skills Development on the Mainframe Platform

The death of the mainframe has been greatly exaggerated, and there exists a robust community of partners to support and train the next generation of mainframe users.

Endpoint Management Selection Guide

The endpoint management market is an ever-expanding and highly competitive landscape. The market has undergone tremendous evolution in the past years, from device...

Define Your Virtual and Hybrid Event Requirements

If virtual and hybrid events are becoming standard forms of delivering content in your organization, use Info-Tech’s material to help define the scope of the event and...

Assess Your Readiness to Implement UCaaS

Unified communication as a service (UCaaS) brings several tools into one platform to provide seamless voice, video, chat, collaboration, sharing, and a whole lot more....

Assess Infrastructure Readiness for Digital Transformation

A lot of organizations think of digital transformation as just an investment in technology, with no vision of what they are trying to achieve or transform. So, out of the...

Get Started With FinOps

This blueprint will help you get started with your FinOps practice by identifying the roles and activities involved, then assigning ownership to each task to get each...
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Collaborate Effectively in Microsoft Teams

Collaboration is as much an art as a science. IT can help users collaborate more effectively in Teams by removing friction – while still maintaining guardrails – for...

Align Backups With Your Data Protection Requirements

Use the Info-Tech approach of identify, assess, and align your backups with your organization’s data protection requirements.
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Create a Game Plan to Implement Cloud Backup the Right Way

The cloud isn’t a magic bullet for backups. Build a strategy that fits your needs and mitigates critical cloud challenges.
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Outsource Systems Management to Improve Capabilities and Reduce Costs

Outsourcing can extend your systems management capabilities and save money in the process, but many organizations report dissatisfaction with their outsourcing...
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