Custom Vendor Landscape: Permit Systems

MPM platforms allow municipalities to intake permit submissions and associated documentation, triage them internally for review and assessment, set a disposition and...

Custom Vendor Landscape: Policy Management Systems

Policy management systems are leveraged by organizations to enable standardized policy lifecycle workflows, making accessible the tools needed to oversee, update, and...

AIOps Use Case Prioritization Matrix

Build a list of use cases and narrow down to those that you are ready to automate and will drive the most values.

AIOps ROI Calculator

Estimate the return on investment to determine if the benefits related to implementing AI and ML will be worth the cost and effort.

AIOps Requirements Workbook

This spreadsheet will help you formalize AIOps selection and set a starting point for platform evaluation.

AIOps Maturity Assessment

This tool is designed to identify the gaps in your IT operations to leverage AI.

AIOps Checklist

This checklist will remind you about important steps to take for deploying AIOps.

AIOps Roadmap Tool

The Roadmap Tool helps track outstanding implementation activities from your AIOps project.

Deploy AIOps to Improve IT Operations – Phases 1-3

This research will help you assess your readiness to deploy AIOps, shortlist use cases for implementation, and build an AIOps proof of concept.

AIOps Stakeholder Buy-In Presentation

This boardroom-ready template helps you summarize your AIOps deployment project.
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