Dynatrace Differentiates Through Ease of Deployment

Dynatrace differentiates its APM solution through ease of deployment. As IT environments continue to become more complex, leading enterprise software vendors will improve...

Dynatrace Offers Service to Improve SDLC

APM vendor Dynatrace is offering a service to help its customers improve their SDLC. This offering aligns with an overall shift in the IT marketplace.

Dynatrace Extends End-to-End Monitoring to Business Value

Dynatrace offers digital business analytics in addition to full stack end-to-end monitoring. The tool’s capabilities work to bridge the gap between infrastructure &...

Stackify Changes Pricing Model for Retrace

Stackify has changed the pricing model for its APM tool, Retrace. This change in pricing is in line with usage-based shifts in technology along with changing architectures.

Implement IT Asset Management – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why IT asset management's real value comes from strengthening other IT processes.

Implement IT Asset Management

Executives are aware of the numerous benefits asset management offers, but many organizations lack a defined ITAM program. Without a dedicated and experienced asset...

Implement Software Asset Management – Phase 3: Manage, Redeploy & Retire

This phase of the blueprint, Implement Software Asset Management, will help you define processes for software inventory, maintenance, harvest and redeployment, and retirement.

Implement Software Asset Management – Phase 4: Build Supporting Processes & Tools

This phase of the blueprint, Implement Software Asset Management, will help you build processes for audits, identify tool requirements, and plan the implementation.

SAM Communication Plan

Use this template to plan your communications with stakeholder groups about your software asset management implementation project.

SAM FAQ Template

This template contains sample answers to anticipated questions about the software asset management program.
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