Be Wary of Adopting a Virtual Assistant in Your Business Environment

Siri, Google, Cortana, and Alexa are always listening. This isn’t news. However, workers at Apple have access and have been reportedly listening in on more private...

Manage Your Internet of Things Before It Manages You

The Internet of Things may revolutionize IT more than any other technology. Learn the essentials for how to manage it.

Apples Are No Longer on the Menu: Apple's Move to Clean up Its App Store

Apple is enforcing a clause in its App Store terms of service that will result in the ban of templated apps. Be prepared to focus on an improved mobile browsing...

Modernize Communications and Collaboration Infrastructure – Phase 1: Assess Communications Infrastructure

This phase of the blueprint, Modernize Communications and Collaboration Infrastructure, will take you through a notional assessment of your environment. You will validate...

Storyboard: Reduce Costs Through Printer Consolidation

Use this research to help you overcome the barriers to printer consolidation and successfully reduce costs.

Build an End-User Computing Strategy – Phase 1: Select Device/OS Combinations

This phase of the blueprint, Build an End-User Computing Strategy, will help you clarify your EUC needs.

Choose and Implement a Mobile Strategy – Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out how to choose and implement a mobile strategy, review Info-Tech’s methodology, and discover the four ways we can support you...

Choose and Implement a Mobile Strategy – Phases 1-3

Mobile is evolving quickly. Enterprises must consider a mobile strategy to keep up. Use this blueprint to leverage the powerful potential of mobile to generate enterprise...

Explore Your Options for Managing Chromebooks

Google gives enterprise IT departments different Chrome OS management approaches. Pilot each; don’t just use the most familiar one to you.

BYOD Total Cost of Ownership Tool

There are many strategy options when it comes to bring your own device (BYOD). Device types, reimbursement amounts, and the number of people allowed to bring their own...
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