Eight Recommendations to Ease the Stress of Offboarding IT Staff

Offboarding is an emotional roller coaster. Regardless of cause or reason, people will be upset. Leverage Info-Tech’s best practices and consult with HR to establish a...

Recognize the Value and Work of Your Small Enterprise IT Team

Use this blueprint to learn what really motivates employees and how to properly drive them to produce a more productive and proactive IT team all while reducing turnover.
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Recognize the Value and Work of Your Small Enterprise IT Team Storyboard

Use this blueprint to learn what motivates your team members and drives employee behavior, and identify acts of recognition that can help improve individual engagement...

Checklist for Team Building

Assembling a team of individuals with the appropriate skill sets helps ensure all project goals are met; however, even the most talented group needs help with working...

Fast Track Tool: Leadership

The purpose of the Leadership Fast Track Tool is to focus on ways of developing your leadership skills that can be achieved within budgetary means so that you are able to...

IT Department Goals

This template provides a simple framework for documenting goals as derived from your strategic and operational plans.

IT Vision and Mission Statements Template

The vision and mission statements encapsulate the basic driving principles behind any organization. To set a clear and business-aligned strategy, it’s essential that the...

Peer Feedback Management

This specific tool is designed for the evaluation of management staff (i.e. non-practitioner staff) by their management peers.

Staff Level Allocation Tool

The goal of this tool is to help IT departments track the distribution of staff at various experience levels and set a baseline for their hiring and professional...

Training Effectiveness Survey

Training provides professional development for IT employees. This Training Effectiveness Survey can be used by training participants to assess the overall effectiveness...
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