Data & Business Intelligence - Tools

AI Governance Assessment Tool

This self-assessment tool will allow you to conduct a structured review of your current and target risk governance capabilities.

AI Risk Assessment Tool

This support tool will help you structure a risk assessment for all of your potential AI risks.

Data Architecture Driver Pattern Identification Tool

A structured tool to help you recognize your business goals and how to get there.

Data Architecture Tactical Roadmap Tool

A structured tool to help you develop a tactical plan of action to optimize the organization’s data architecture.

Data Integration Mapping Tool

This tool can be used to document DI mapping and allow them to be stored in a content or knowledge management system.

Data Integration Pattern Selection Tool

This tool will support your organization in identifying the integration pattern that should be used for each identified integration scenario.

Data Integration Requirements Gathering Tool

Use this tool to identify and track stakeholder involvement, elicitation techniques, and scheduling as well as tracking categorization and prioritization of the data...

Sample AI Action Plan

Use this streamlined tool for prioritizing, tracking, and visualizing action items during AI implementation. Customize fields to include timelines, owners, progress, and...

IT Operating Model Decision Tool

An Excel questionnaire to help organizations determine their current (or target) IT operating model. Using this information, you can proceed to create your organization’s...

AI Maturity Assessment and Roadmap Tool

Develop deliverables that will be milestones in creating your organization’s generative AI roadmap for implementing candidate applications.
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