Service Management - Templates & Policies

Service Management Program Initiation Plan

Use this template to document your service management initiation and governance plan.

Problem Management SOP

Use this template to record the key details required for effective problem management – both proactive and reactive. Outline a problem management workflow, record the...

Service Intake Form

Use this template to document the objectives, benefits, and other basic information of the proposed service idea.

Service Management Roadmap Project Charter

This project charter helps you document the initiative stakeholders, project team members, communication plan, and project status.

Service Management Stakeholder Presentation

The stakeholder presentation template helps organizations gain buy-in from senior IT management by helping them understand the major benefits of this project.

Service Management Target State Workbook

The target state workbook allows users to understand the objectives of each target state so they can select a feasible state based on current capabilities.

Roadmap to Service Provider Project Charter

Use the service provider project charter to get the project off the ground and govern the initiative throughout its duration.

Service Catalog Extension Project Charter

This deliverable will help you during project launch. It will help document important information and achieve buy-in from key stakeholders.

Service Catalog Extension Training Deck

This training deck will help you during the project launch phase. It will help you train project team members on the process for adding technical components to the...

Service Definitions: Visual Representations

This template will help you understand IT service definitions from a visual perspective.
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