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Building and Communicating Your IT Cost-Cutting Strategy

COVID-19 is a daunting threat for virtually every organization – but an updated approach to budget and cost management will help the organization better weather the...

Cost-Reduction Planning for IT Vendors

The speed at which IT leaders need to reduce costs is unprecedented. IT faces a momentous challenge to identify and prioritize cost-reduction measures that don’t...

AI and the Future of Enterprise Productivity

Artificial intelligence (AI), as a collection of techniques rather than a singular technique, sits at various levels of expectation and deployment — with some...

Tech Trend Update: If Contact Tracing Then Distributed Trust

The concept of distributed trust in technology design has become even more important as mobile contact tracing apps emerge as a tool to help fight COVID-19.

Build a Platform-Based Organization

Large organizations end up creating bureaucracies, which slow down the pace of innovation. An antidote to bureaucracy is a platform structure: small, autonomous teams...

Tech Trend Update: If Biosecurity Then Autonomous Edge

In our 2020 Tech Trend Report, we discussed the concept of building out the autonomous edge as a competitive differentiator. The COVID-19 pandemic has created an urgent...

Tech Trend Update: If Digital Ethics Then Data Equity

The COVID-19 crisis demands solutions, and some technologists might insist it's time to move fast and break things. But building new technologies without digital ethics...

Start Making Data-Driven People Decisions

There is a statistically significant relationship between analytics used and overall effectiveness for IT departments, but IT leaders know they are missing out by not...
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Adopt Blockchain for Supply Chain Transparency

This blueprint outlines the opportunity for impact that blockchain has for supply chain transparency, how manufacturers are investing, and what you should do about it.

Plan Your Digital Transformation on a Page

The age of digital has created new ways for organizations and customers to form relationships. To survive, organizations must digitally transform to fit customer needs....
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