Assess Your IT Financial Management Maturity Effectively

Mature your ITFM practice by activating the means to make informed business decisions. Info-Tech’s methodology helps you move the dial by focusing on three maturity focus...

IT Financial Management Maturity Assessment Tool

A structured tool to help you assess your ITFM maturity.

IT Cost Optimization Roadmap Samples and Templates

A proactive journey template to help you communicate your IT cost optimization strategy to stakeholders in a clear, concise, and compelling manner.

IT Cost Optimization Workbook

Use this structured tool to help you document your IT cost optimization goals and outline related initiatives to develop an effective 12-month roadmap.

Build Your IT Cost Optimization Roadmap – Phases 1-4

Develop an IT cost-optimization strategy based on your specific circumstances and timeline. Info-Tech’s methodology helps you maintain sustainable cost optimization...

Achieve IT Spend & Staffing Transparency

Most CIOs, CFOs, and business function leaders don’t enjoy a shared vocabulary when it comes to talking about technology spend. As a result, truly meaningful...
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Achieve IT Spend & Staffing Transparency Storyboard

Use this blueprint's proven methodology to discover your true IT vendor and staff spend and map this spend data to four key stakeholder groups' points of view: CFO, CIO,...

IT Spend & Staffing Transparency Workbook

Use this tool to allocate your IT vendor and staff spend across four stakeholder views – CFO, CIO, CXO, and CEO – and generate charts to analyze and communicate where...

IT Spend & Staffing Transparency Executive Presentation Template

Use this PowerPoint template to craft an executive presentation that showcases the results of your IT spend mapping effort and kickstart meaningful conversations with key...

An Economic Downturn Looms. How Should Government I&IT Leaders Respond?

The transition from summer to fall brings cooler weather and Halloween candy, and for many government IT leaders, it restarts the budget and business planning cycle for...
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