Offboarding Temporary Layoffs During COVID-19

IT organizations across the globe are quickly refocusing themselves to better support their end-user communities and other stakeholders as the COVID-19 pandemic continues...

End-User Offboarding Checklist

Use this tool to help you centralize and track offboarding process by employee. Modify it with the information that is specific to your organization.

Five Proactive Cost-Reducing Tactics to Prepare for Your Organization’s COVID-19 Budget Impact

In the current health and economic climate, all organizations must examine current expenditures, whether they be CapEx or OpEx in nature. Beyond reducing discretionary...

Manage an IT Budget – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand the increasing expectations for IT departments to better manage their budgets and how Info-Tech's methodology can help.

Manage an IT Budget – Phases 1-3

IT organizations need a reliable budget management process to keep on track and come in on budget at the end of the fiscal year.

Manage an IT Budget – Phase 1: Document

Create a streamlined documentation process that also considers the elements of people and technology.

Manage Your IT Budget Tool

This tool will provide you with a template to document and track your planned budget, actual expenditures, and variances.

Manage an IT Budget – Phase 2: Track

Track your planned budget against actual expenditures to catch areas of overspending and underspending in a timely manner.

Manage an IT Budget – Phase 3: Control

Leverage control mechanisms to manage variances in your budget.

Manage an IT Budget

IT departments are often viewed as cost centers that always ask for more budget. To deliver value and increase business satisfaction, IT needs a reliable budget...
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