Internet Acceptable Use Policy

Internet usage is both a necessary tool and a potential distraction and security risk. With capabilities of the Internet and users advancing daily, it is important for...

2020 CIO Trend Report

Learn how four key trends in 2020 require businesses to find their place in an AI-driven ecosystem. There is no longer any business that's too big to disrupt and business...

SmartRecruiters Partners With Blockchain-Based Hiring Platform Zinc

Zinc, a blockchain-based automated reference checking service provider, has announced integration with SmartRecruiters, an applicant tracking system provider.

Mural: Design Collaboration Across Geographical Boundaries

Enterprise architects want to collaborate with businesses in real-time to design and create models, but due to geographical constraints, this is not often possible. Many...

Cherwell Sends Clear Message on UI and AI at Annual User Conference

Cherwell has announced it is consolidating its portfolio of modules into a single product at its Clear conference in Nashville this fall. Its promise of an elevated...

Rapidly Develop an IT Strategy – Phase 2: Assess the Current State

This phase of the Rapidly Develop an IT Strategy blueprint will help you assess the current state of IT.

Rapidly Develop an IT Strategy – Phase 3: Bridge the Gap and Create the Strategy

This phase of the Rapidly Develop an IT Strategy blueprint will help you bridge the gap between the target and current states and create the strategy.

IT Strategy Executive Presentation Template

This template contains a completed executive presentation filled with examples ready to be tailored for your organization.

L-M-H Initiative Prioritization Tool

This tool will help prioritize initiatives based on a set of criteria.

IT Vision, Mission, and Guiding Principles Guide

This guide contains additional information for creating a vision, mission, and guiding principles.
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