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Webinar: Increase Grant Application Success

With substantial grant funds now made available by the American Rescue Plan (ARP), the need for a strategic and structured approach to grant...
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Webinar: Maximize Your American Rescue Plan Funding

The American Rescue Plan is injecting billions of dollars into the economy. Use this opportunity to reassess priorities, identify budget needs,...
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Webinar: Create a Work-From-Anywhere IT Strategy

Watch this webinar recording to learn why you need a work-from-anywhere strategy and how to build a strategy that will provide value to the business.
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Webinar: Develop an Optimal Sports Betting Approach

With many jurisdictions throughout North America having legalized or actively pursuing legislation to legalize sports betting, many operators are...
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IBM Launches Its First Quantum Computing Certification

​The quantum future gets a little closer​.
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Webinar: 2021 CIO Priorities Report – An Australia & New Zealand View

During this session we review the top five priorities that will help CIOs develop resilience to better confront the uncertainty and volatility of...
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Pandemic Study Sharpens Focus on Digital Transformation

IT must prepare for its post-pandemic moment.
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Webinar: Women in Tech – Awareness to Action

Despite growing awareness of the DEI challenges women face in the tech industry, the deep knowledge and actions needed to create change are lagging.
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Webinar: Recruit and Retain People of Color in IT Organizations

Organizations that are diverse have a better ability to innovate, be creative, and connect with their audiences. During this session we will...
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