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Manage Poor Performance While Working From Home: Infographic

Use this infographic to easily outline the performance improvement process for managers.

Crisis Temporary Measures Dashboard Tool

Use this tool to set temporary goals, collect data, review progress, and plan actions.

Lean Management Scoping Tool

Tool will help you scope out good candidate teams.

Feedback Consolidation Tool

This tool is an organizer to track the responses you receive, and a presentation tool should a meeting be needed, and contains three parts: Email Feedback on Value...

EXM Setup Guide

This guide will help you set up your Employee Experience Monitor survey and configure it for your specific team's needs.

EXM Training Guide for Managers

This is a comprehensive reference guide to empower your management team to access and use the Employee Experience Monitor online dashboard.

Service Provider Assessment Tool

Use this tool to assess current state organizational culture and structure as well as certain service management maturity levels.

Service Provider Roadmap Tool

Use this tool to plan how and when each adjustment must happen in order to achieve strategic partner.

Dependent-Flextime Agreement Template

A tool that will help you formalize any individual temporary working arrangements needed to balance caregiving for dependents with working from home during a pandemic.

Foresight Process Tool

This tool will help you store information as your organization moves through the stages of strategic foresight.
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