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Create a Service Management Roadmap – Phase 3: Identify the Target State

This phase will help you take the outputs from the current state assessment, synthesize themes, and identify roadmap activities.

Implement a New IT Organizational Structure – Phases 1-3

IT leaders often lack the experience and time to effectively execute on organizational changes. Info-Tech’s organizational design implementation program will provide you...

Drive Organizational Change from the PMO – Phase 2: Plant the Seeds for Change During Project Planning and Initiation

This phase of the blueprint, Drive Organizational Change from the PMO, will help you build the case for change throughout the organization as well as assess change...

Drive Organizational Change from the PMO – Phase 5: Solidify the PMO's Role as Change Leader

Use this phase of the blueprint, Drive Organizational Change from the PMO, to institute an OCM playbook through the PMO in order to bring a more standardized and...

Fund Innovation with a Minimum Viable Business Case – Phase 1: Create a Solution to Someone’s Problem

This phase of the blueprint, Build a Minimum Viable Business Case, will help you design an effective value proposition for the solution you intend to develop.

CIO Trends Report 2017 – The Digital Ecosystem

The Digital Ecosystem is driven by near ubiquitous connectivity, powered by a meshed network of objects and devices, and the capacity to have them all access the internet.

CIO Trend Report 2017 – Automated Cognition

Automated Cognition is the driven by advances in AI (artificial intelligence), advanced computing resulting in enhanced algorithms, and machine learning.

CIO Trend Report 2017 – Immersive UX

Immersive User Experience (UX) is a trend that is driven by developments in augmented and virtual reality, and wearable devices.

CIO Trend Report 2017 – XaaP (Everything as a Platform)

The XaaP trend is primarily driven by the convergence between the concept of open data and the proliferation of the Application Programming Interface (API).

CIO Trend Report 2017 – Autonomous Machines

The Autonomous Machines trend is driven by advances in robotics automation, UAV/drone proliferation, and the advent of self-driving vehicles.
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