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Embed Business Relationship Management in IT

At the cornerstone of IT-business relationships is trust and the establishment of business value. Without trust, you won’t be believed, and without value, you won’t be...
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Integrate IT Risk Into Enterprise Risk

Integrate IT risks into the enterprise risk management (ERM) program to make strategic risk-informed decisions that drive the organization forward and minimize negative...

Industry-Specific Digital Transformation

Info-Tech’s Industry Research and Advisory Services help you fulfill the digital aspirations of your organization​.

Into the Metaverse

The metaverse is a platform combining multiple technologies to enable social and economic activity in a digital world that is connected to the physical world. The idea...

IT Talent Trends 2022

The pandemic forced us to work differently for the past two years. Looking forward, successful organizations will incorporate new ways of working into their business...

CIO Priorities 2022

The CIO Priorities 2022 report combines Info-Tech’s primary research survey effort with internal CIO caliber expertise and external case study review to determine five...

Make Your IT Governance Adaptable

To effectively meet the needs and velocity of digital organizations and modern practices, IT governance must be embedded and automated where possible to drive success and...
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2022 Tech Trends

The post-pandemic pace of change continues to accelerate as the economy rapidly becomes more digital. To keep pace with shifting consumer expectations, CIOs must help the...
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Define Your Digital Business Strategy

A value-driven approach to digital transformation that allows you to identify what aspects of the business to transform, what technologies to embrace, what processes to...
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Mergers & Acquisitions: The Sell Blueprint

IT has always been an afterthought in the M&A process. IT needs to stop waiting to be invited to the divestiture table. They need to suggest that the table be constructed...
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