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Customer Satisfaction Metrics Diagnostic

Determine which customer satisfaction metrics you should really be measuring.

Customer Satisfaction Metrics Library

Find the right customer satisfaction metrics and definitions.

Sample AI Business Case Analysis

Use this completed sample of an AI business case analysis to better understand how to categorize, document, and evaluate the key components of a strong business case.

AI Use Cases

A comprehensive repository of AI use cases across the Technology and Marketing Management framework.

AI Evaluation Tool

Flesh out your AI use cases and create AI initiatives with assigned value and readiness scores. Rank and present your highest-scoring AI initiatives.

Balanced Value Calculator

Establish your value drivers aligned to enterprise goals. Determine your scoring method and insert your balanced value calculation into your intake processes.

Marketing Budget Worksheet for Software & Technology Companies

The Marketing Budget Worksheet for Software and Technology Companies is a comprehensive tool that allows you to create a marketing budget based on your annual recurring...

Empower Solution Delivery With the Right CoP, CoE, and C4E Model Selection Tool

Use this tool to assess the best option for your team collaboration and knowledge management: Center of Excellence (CoE), Center for Enablement (C4E), or Community of...

Empower Solution Delivery With the Right CoP, CoE, and C4E Model Workbook

Use this tool to record the blueprint exercises.

Application TCO Calculator

Use this tool to compile the various costs of your applications and produce TCO projections for the next five years.
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