Enterprise Applications - Storyboard

Storyboard: Build an ERP Selection & Implementation Strategy

IT leaders must prepare and build out an appropriate plan to survive to the end of an ERP selection and implementation project. To be successful, they must address five...

Storyboard: Implement a Social Media Program

This research allows organizations to successfully coordinate social initiatives through the implementation of a social media program that includes process workflows, a...

Storyboard: Implement a Multi-site ERP

Multi-site ERP is always a challenge. IT leaders must balance innovation within sites against a potential technical jumble of technologies, standards, and integrations.

Storyboard: Find Information in the Enterprise

The explosion of information in today's organizations is rapidly decreasing employees' ability to find specific content. Build a framework to deal with the mounting...

Storyboard: Optimize Social Media Strategy by Service

Integrating the right social media services into your business is often a neglected component of building (or optimizing) a social media strategy. Jumping the gun on...

Storyboard: Gain Real Insights with a Social Analytics Program

Social analytics are indispensable in gaining real-time insights across marketing, sales, and customer service. Use social analytics to tap into the "world's largest...

Storyboard: Determine if Cloud ERP Lies in the Future

Cloud ERP is here to stay. Ultimately the decision is about risk, not cost, and the formula is right for start-ups, subsidiaries, and joint ventures. Include cloud...

Vendor Landscape Storyboard: Customer Service Knowledge Management Suites

Info-Tech evaluated nine competitors in the Customer Service Knowledge Management market.

Vendor Landscape Storyboard: Email Marketing Solutions

Info-Tech evaluated eight competitors in the email marketing market.

Storyboard: Optimize Business Processes to Limit ERP Customization

This research will address common inefficiencies related to business processes that interact with your ERP system. The blueprint will help you both prioritize what...
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