Enterprise Resource Planning - Solution Sets

Drive Corporate Performance to the Next Level With EPM

Leave spreadsheets behind and move to Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) to increase competitiveness through improved planning, budgeting, forecasting, and strategic...

Select and Implement an ERP Solution

Selecting and implementing an ERP is one of the most expensive and time-consuming technology transformations an organization can undertake. Leverage Info-Tech’s...
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Develop an Actionable ERP Strategy and Roadmap

Organizations often do not have an ERP strategy and roadmap in place. The focus is often on selection and implementation phases of ERP, but without a foundation and...
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Establish a Concrete ERP Foundation

Align the goals, objectives, and metrics of your ERP initiative with organizational objectives to maximize the potential for full benefits realization. Provide IT with...
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Mobilize the Workforce by Mobilizing ERP

ERP systems are implemented to improve efficiency in business processes, but organizations often do not realize the gains they hope for. Mobilizing your ERP system will...
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Optimize Business Processes to Limit ERP Customization

This project blueprint will address common inefficiencies related to business processes that interact with your ERP system. The blueprint will help you both, prioritize...
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Determine if Cloud ERP Lies in the Future

Cloud ERP is here to stay. Ultimately the decision is about risk, not cost, and the formula is right for start-ups, subsidiaries, and joint ventures. Include cloud...

Implement a Multi-site ERP

Multi-site ERP is always a challenge. IT leaders must balance innovation within sites against a potential technical jumble of technologies, standards, and integrations.

Build an ERP Selection & Implementation Strategy

Different enterprises need to put focus on different aspects of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) selection process, depending on industry, business case, and the...
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