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Webinar: Secure Your High-Risk Data

What’s the key to a data security plan that keeps your data safe and your organization out of the headlines? A multi-layered approach that covers all the bases and data sources and comprehensive security that’s as fluid as the data it protects. In today’s complex and dynamic tech landscape, securing data is no longer as simple as implementing a set of controls around a specific application and database. Sensitive and high-risk data now lives in various repositories, both in and out of the organization, in both on-prem and cloud environments. To remain current and flexible in how you process and retain data, your approach to data security must be business-focused, multi-layered, and extend across all relevant data sources.

This webinar will provide guidance around how to develop a secure and modern data security strategy that protects data through its entire lifecycle, covering the following topics:

  • Compliance obligations for the organization and their resulting security requirements.
  • An overview of technical and supporting process controls to evaluate and implement to enhance data security.
  • A prioritized set of data security initiatives based on cost and effort as well as compliance and business risk values.
  • An implementation plan that targets educating and informing your people to close off the final gap in the data security program.
  • Metrics to ensure that implemented data security controls are an ongoing effort and as dynamic as the data that they serve to protect.

Featured Speakers

Jimmy Tom

Research Advisor, Security, Privacy, Risk & Compliance
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Aaron Shum

Vice President, Research & Advisory
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Cassandra Cooper

Senior Research Analyst – Security, Risk & Compliance
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