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Optimize Project Intake, Approval, and Prioritization

While many IT managers lack the capacity to realistically say “yes” to more project work, many also lack the authority to decline or defer new requests. It’s a catch-22...
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Your PMO Needs an Annual Report

You’re managing a PMO? Great. What does it cost the organization each year? What is the cost of the projects being managed or overseen? Did you deliver last year? If this...

Responsive Portfolio Management: Take a Page From the Teacher’s Lesson Book

When a PMO attempts to implement a new resource management strategy, the response from employees, who assume they are going to be downsized, cut, reallocated, or...

Balance Supply and Demand with Realistic Resource Management Practices

To properly allocate project work and establish more stable project timelines, PMOs and portfolio managers need to develop a reasonable and manageable approximation of...
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Balance Supply and Demand with Realistic Resource Management Practices – Phases 1-3

This storyboard will help you develop practices to promote and maintain accurate resourcing data, while developing tactics to continually inform decision makers’...

Time Audit Workbook

Use this tool to document the results of your current state assessment and time audit survey.

Time-Tracking Survey Email Template

Use this template to send regular time-audit survey updates.

Resource Management Communications Template

Use this template to present your resource management practice to stakeholders.

Develop a Project Portfolio Management Strategy – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand why every IT department needs a project portfolio management strategy, and maximize the value of the project portfolio to drive...

Develop a Project Portfolio Management Strategy – Phase 1: Get Executive Buy-In for Your PPM Strategy

This phase of the blueprint, Develop a PPM Strategy, will help you get the leadership to buy in to the right strategy for your organization, and set goals for your PPM...
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