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What You Need to Know About ECM for Your K-12 Institution

Hundreds of schools use entirely paper processes for record keeping. Making the switch to a secure and user-friendly ECM is easier than you think with our three-step...

Salesforce.com Sets Sights on $60 Billion in Revenue

Salesforce.com has laid its chips on the table with a plan to grow annual revenues from the current run rate of $10 billion a year to a whopping $60 billion a year by...

Is Oracle Finally Poised to Catch up in the Cloud?

Oracle has been late to arrive to the “cloud wars” where Amazon.com (AMZN), Microsoft (MSFT), IBM (IBM), and Google (GOOG) have dominated both on the balance sheet and in...

Beer Data: Strengthening Relationships Between Retailers and Suppliers With Third-Party Solutions

The ability to share data between supplier and retailer enhances their relationship, and even more so when third-party solutions come into play. One company has found a...

Do Not Pass Go…Before Setting Yourself up for ERP Project Success

ERP projects are difficult. There is no point in sugar-coating it or spinning it any other way. They are complex in scope and structure, touch numerous parts of an...

ERP Request for Proposal Template

Use this template to issue a request for proposal (RFP) for an ERP solution.

ERP Vendor Demonstration Script

Use this template to support your evaluation of vendors and their ERP products. Once complete, this template will provide vendors with scenarios that prompt them to...

ERP Readiness Assessment Checklist

Use Info-Tech’s ERP Readiness Assessment Checklist to determine if you have a sufficient ERP foundation and strategy in place to ensure selection and implementation success.

Select and Implement an ERP Solution

Selecting and implementing an ERP is one of the most expensive and time-consuming technology transformations an organization can undertake. Leverage Info-Tech’s...
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Select and Implement an ERP Solution – Executive Brief

Read this Executive Brief to understand where the ERP market is today, review best practices for ERP selection, and kick-start your ERP implementation planning.
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