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Roadmap to a Resilient and Capable Security Program


Roadmap to a Resilient and Capable Security Program

It seems natural to build your security program by starting with cutting-edge technologies and advanced capabilities.

However, this approach often falls flat because it fails to take into account that a highly mature program must be built on a solid foundation of doing the fundamentals really well and understanding the objectives of the security program.

Security leaders can't choose one thing to excel at, we need to excel at everything – which means a systematic approach must be taken to ensure there are no gaps.

Info-Tech has identified these eight core security journeys that map your path starting from the core foundation and moving out toward a resilient and capable security program.

Strategize and Select a Core Security Journey

Too often, chief information security officers find their programs stuck in reactive mode, a result of years of mounting security technical debt.

Building a strategically aligned security program that masters the foundations will support your shift from a reactive to a proactive stance – which has never been more important.


Build a Foundational Security Program

Develop a prioritized and business-aligned security roadmap.

Improve security posture with a defensible, prescriptive policy suite.

Define data handling procedures to improve security maturity.

Identify when to hire, train, outsource, or contract your skills needs.

Enable Your Business Operations

So, you've got a cybersecurity program – but is it doing what the organization needs?

All too often there is a lack of consensus among business leaders and cybersecurity professionals about how much security is enough, too much, or just right.

Resolve this dilemma by building a security governance and management program that enables business operations rather than impedes them.


Improve Security Governance

Effective security governance bridges business and security goals.

The best security programs are built upon defensible risk management.

Improve your security posture with a defensible, prescriptive policy suite.

Drive employee engagement with privacy and security via governance and process integration.

Reduce Complexity in Your Compliance Program

If you're a typical security leader then you probably manage five or more compliance obligations and are allocating at least 25% of your budget towards compliance activities; yet you don't believe that all this compliance is making you more secure.

Follow this journey to reduce the complexity of governing and managing your compliance program.


Satisfy Security Compliance Requirements

Cost-effective compliance is possible

Effective security governance bridges business and security goals

Add business value with SOC 2 or ISO 27001 certification

Leverage policies based on NIST, ISO, or other procedural-based documents

React With a Robust Incident Response Program

Security incidents are going to happen whether you're prepared or not … so, are you prepared to respond?

When an incident strikes, don't waste time deciding what to do; rather, be prepared to take action quickly with a robust incident response program.


Prepare to Address Security Incidents

Formalize response processes to minimize security incident impact

Test your SecOps effectiveness with a customized tabletop scenario

Effective communication can reduce incident impact and build trust

Be Ready for Potential Incidents

What makes ransomware different from other types of malware is the extensive business disruption it can cause – and for attackers it's proven to be highly profitable, so lots of effort is invested to make these attacks constantly evolve.

Do you and your senior leadership know how a ransomware incident would impact the organization? Are you ready to respond to a ransomware incident right now? Plan for the best but prepare for the worst. Info-Tech's approach will help you better prepare for a potential incident.


Prepare For Ransomware

Determine your current readiness, response plan, and projects to close gaps

Turn end users into your organization's secret security weapon

Develop a comprehensive data security plan

Learn to avoid common insurance pitfalls

Mitigate Security Risk

Vulnerabilities are ever-present due to the constantly changing nature of technology, but taking measures to address them completely will consume your department's time and resources.

Take Info-Tech's risk-based approach to vulnerability management and continuous improvement so you can get off the merry-go-round of responsive patching and start mitigating risk!


Reduce Security Exposure

Identify and assess the risk of the vulnerability, then remediate beyond just patching

Create a right-sized metrics program based on your maturity and risk profile

Establish SecOps within a threat-informed collaborative environment

Drive employee engagement with privacy and security via governance and process integration

Make Cloud Security Robust and Right-Sized

The transition to the cloud is providing tremendous value to businesses everywhere, but small vulnerabilities that might go unnoticed on a private network may now be exposed to the world, increasing security risk dramatically – provided appropriate steps are not taken.

Follow this journey to ensure your approach to cloud security is robust and right-sized.


Secure Cloud Services

Secure the cloud by considering its unique challenges

Identify risks you are facing and what security services can mitigate those risks

Assess the security effectiveness of cloud service providers

Determine which security responsibilities should be outsourced

Adopt a Risk-Based Approach

There are security risks hiding in your supply chain and left alone they will only get worse. At the same time, trying to do too much due diligence will bury you in red tape and discourage business partnerships.

The answer to this dilemma is a risk-based approach to vendor and third-party security that satisfies all stakeholders and keeps your high-risk data safe.


Reduce Vendor & Third-Party Risks

Build a right-sized, risk-based vendor security assessment service

Determine which security responsibilities should be outsourced

Assess the security effectiveness of cloud service providers

Remove Ambiguity With a Systematic Approach

Heavy-handed privacy regulations seem to be rolling out everywhere, and sensitive data is ubiquitous like never before – many IT leaders feel like they're playing catch-up when it comes to data privacy.

Remove the ambiguity around data privacy with a systematic approach to understanding where your data is, how it's used, and what you need to do about it.


Achieve Data Privacy Compliance

Quantify and measure risk to improve privacy compliance.

Develop a comprehensive data security plan.

GDPR is here to stay - have you addressed regulatory requirements?

This is the start of a privacy revolution.

Robust Security Program


Robust Security Program

Info-Tech's eight core security journeys will help you build and implement a strategically aligned security program with a foundation in fundamentals.

This systematic approach provides robust and effective results.

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