Whether you are a CIO or other senior manager responsible for security, a full-fledged CISO, data owner, or a member of an IT team who has information security as one of their many responsibilities – this briefing has vital details you need to know on the threats that are relevant to you and how you can prepare and protect your organization.

In this month’s briefing we explore:


  • What the Vault 7 leaks of details on C.I.A. cyber-intelligence tools mean (and NOT mean) for you. We’ll provide some key lessons learned and immediate actions you can take. (Starts at: 2:30)

Threat Actor Campaigns

  • We go over the increasing popularity of DDoS attacks and the services being hired to enact them, as well as how you can better alert your organization to such an attack. (Starts at 7:43)

Regulatory, Legal, and Compliance

  • Recent Point-of-Sale Credit Card Breach. Arby’s recent payment card breach in March is a reminder that in addition to prevention plans, recovery strategies are just as important to maintain your customer base and reputation. (Starts at 14:10)

Exploitation and Tactics

  • Bluetooth POS Skimmers. Just because your payment cards feature chip and PIN, does not mean you can’t fall victim to an attack. We give you tips on how to avoid having your info “skimmed.” (Starts at 18:40)
  • Have a Netflix account? We go over the new ransomware variant, NETIX. We provide guidance on how to be proactive against ransomware. (Starts at 23:18)

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