Supporting Your Priorities Through Custom Key Initiative Planning

Author(s): Jim Kirk

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Have you ever been to the library and struggled to find the resources you need for a paper or project? What if you were assigned a personal librarian experienced in the subject matter who took you right to those resources and connected you with the original authors, forming a team to help you successfully complete your work?

This is the experience Info-Tech wants to provide its members, and our Custom Key Initiative Plan is how we do it. We are not just about helping you find what you are looking for; we are going to roll up our sleeves and help you get the job done.

At select levels of membership, you are assigned a dedicated executive advisor or executive counselor. These are highly experienced IT leaders who have walked many miles in shoes very similar to your own. A core responsibility of your advisor or counselor is to facilitate detailed, peer conversations that allow us to understand your organizational and technology environment and to focus in on current pain points or major initiatives for the next 12-18 months.

With this information, the advisor or counselor will build and propose a personalized service plan (aka Custom Key Initiative Plan – CKIP) that incorporates Info-Tech’s best and most relevant research, tools, templates, training, and other services included in your membership; designed in such a way as to help you successfully deliver on your stated objectives. Tailoring our products and services in this way optimizes how we can help and maximizes the value of your membership.

Info-Tech is very focused on autonomizing its processes to improve both the efficiency and consistency of our delivery. We practice what we preach and are embracing an Exponential IT mindset. This saw us shift the creation and management of our member CKIPs into a data-driven solution within our Salesforce instance. They are now quicker to create, easier to enact, and give us new data to glean insights from which to deliver more value to you from your membership, and inform our own continual improvement.

Custom Key Initiative Plan CKIP dashboard

At Info-Tech, we are very fond of the “Rule of Three” or the “Power of Three.” When we facilitate these support planning sessions, we like to zero in on your top three goals because we believe that focus and prioritization are critical success factors for every I&IT leader.

With your top three goals captured using your own words, we are helping put pen to paper around your IT organization’s story or narrative for the year ahead. Often this content resonates in such a way that a member will feel comfortable sharing the output with stakeholders in their organization.

CKIP example

The CKIP then identifies specific initiatives that we can execute together to achieve the stated goals. The example to the left shows a common flow, leveraging the best of what Info-Tech has to offer:

  • Detailed diagnostics to help you assess your current state and level of maturity.
  • Guidance around aligning your processes with best practice.
  • An understanding of how you can put enabling technology to work to drive further optimization.

  • Each step will outline, sequence, and provide hyperlinks to curated research blueprints or other Info-Tech products that will help you achieve your stated goals.

    Finally, consideration will be given to the preferred delivery method for our best practice research.

    Part of what makes Info-Tech unique is that we can deliver our research into your organization in a variety of ways. Key factors in this decision-making process include the available capacity on your team, the competency level of your team, the overall time sensitivity of the needed delivery, and the entitlements available in your current membership.

    Levels of support provided by Info-Tech

    With the CKIP completed, your advisor or counselor will present the plan back to you, walking you through the resources identified and highlighting the benefits and outcomes of leveraging our research in your work. We will seek endorsement from you around the research and the proposed timing associated with lending our support… recognizing that these plans aren’t intended to be prescriptive, and flexibility is our middle name.

    Example of published CKIP custom key initiative plan

    To increase transparency and engagement with you as our member, a planned enhancement will see CKIPs published on the member homepage on Once published, members will be able to view their plan at a glance, download a copy for offline viewing and sharing, and even book calls with research analysts around the recommended research.

    Once your CKIP is endorsed and in-flight, a regular meeting cadence will be established to ensure you are progressing toward your goals. If adjustments are needed, we will make them together. Plans change and we are willing and able to adapt.

    Our Take

    A wise person once said that a goal without a plan is just a wish. At Info-Tech, we take pride in producing comprehensive and connected research blueprints to help accelerate the delivery of your key initiatives. We also believe deeply in collaborating with you to build an achievable plan. Let’s build a CKIP to turn your wish into reality.

    Want to Know More?

    If you want a more detailed conversation about our approach to support planning or to build or refresh your CKIP, contact your advisor, counselor, or member services director.

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