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Vendor Landscape: Self-Service Kiosks

Invest in self-serve kiosks to enhance the guest experience and save time and money.

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  • Because consumers are more informed, and to address declining customer satisfaction, revenue per customer, and operating profit, the CIO has been tasked with transitioning the most critical service functions such as product and service information, loyalty, search, order, and pay functions that are currently non-automated to partial or full self-service automation.
  • Rising labor costs and the complexity of scheduling to optimally staff for business peaks and valleys are making some business practices unsustainable. Kiosks allow employees to be refocused on areas of the business that add greater value.
  • As brand choices and competition increases, and guest demographics and customer expectations continue to change, organizations need to take advanced self-service features to the next level and ensure that guests are seamlessly able to incorporate their activities into easy-to-use digital touchpoints.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • With approximately 75% of North American adults having used kiosks and the rapid digitization of customer touchpoints, customer intolerance for long transaction times is increasing. Self-service kiosks are no longer a hospitality taboo and need to be incorporated into a holistic digital strategy and architecture.
  • Kiosks are a disruptive technology and to get maximum benefits, hospitality and gaming operators must critically examine (from a customer inefficiency and experience perspective) and recalibrate key business processes before automating. Be sure to include audit and compliance departments and guest-facing staff in the process.

Impact and Result

  • Save time and money by using Info-Tech’s Vendor Landscape to understand what’s new in the self-service kiosk market for gaming, hotel, restaurant, and entertainment enterprises and compare and contrast the major self-service kiosk vendors.
  • Shortlist the solutions based on your feature requirements, paying close attention to point of sale (POS) and casino management system (CMS) integrations, transactional data flows, and hardware requirements.

Vendor Landscape: Self-Service Kiosks Research & Tools

1. Understand the self-service kiosk systems space

Understand the self-service kiosk systems market, capabilities, and their limitations.

2. Identify the self-service kiosk solution that best meets your needs

Develop a shortlist of self-service system vendors to speed the selection process.

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