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Vendor Landscape: In-Room Entertainment

Move beyond providing channels to enabling the guest's content experience.

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  • Television viewing has changed dramatically with the rise of streaming services like Netflix. Guests now expect personal control over the content they view, by accessing their personal subscriptions, casting from a personal device, or watching their own local programming when they travel internationally.
  • Hotel televisions now permit two-way communication on the IP network, allowing for a range of features including PMS integration, POS or CRM offers, targeted advertising, and in-room controls. The range of features varies from vendor to vendor and the client will want to consider the full range of features available in this market.
  • Video already puts high demands on the hotel network and those demands will only increase as image definition goes higher. Clients will want a reliable vendor who can diagnose and resolve video-related problems in an efficient manner.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • The in-room entertainment space is highly competitive with each vendor offering a range of different features. However, hotels should ask vendors about support metrics because the features they offer are only worthwhile if they are reliable. A Chromecast dongle, for example, might be more trouble than its worth if it does not perform reliably or is not intuitive for the guest to use.
  • Hotels should use metrics available through advanced reporting and analytics on channel viewership as a potential source of cost reduction. Many channels have a high per-room cost. Viewership analytics can help hotels to decide if a channel is worth the price. A channel like HBO or ESPN carries a high per room cost. If its cost is not supported by viewership, then hotels should question its value.

Impact and Result

  • Increase customer engagement by allowing guests to watch their own content and internet subscriptions on the hotel television.
  • Provide a personalized customer experience by using the television for targeted advertising and promotions.
  • Control TV branding and content from a centralized center through a cloud-based SaaS solution.

Research & Tools

1. Review the in-room-entertainment (IRE) systems space

Understand the current trends for in-room entertainment, key vendor capabilities, and their limitations.

2. Identify the IRE solution that best meets your needs

Develop a shortlist of IRE system vendors to speed the selection process.

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