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Understanding Regulation With Blockchain Technology

Is compliance really easier with blockchain?

  • Blockchain, the underpinning technology behind bitcoin, is touted as a powerful technology capable of transforming the entire business world and enhancing security and reportability.
  • Many companies are racing toward blockchain adoption in hope of making reporting and compliance easier.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Do not panic if your blockchain use case is unique. The vast number of benefits and deployment options for a blockchain solution has led to countless use cases.
  • Understand how blockchain impacts your organization and ensure appropriateness to your current solutions. Determining how blockchain aligns with your organizational security and reporting will dictate its adoption.

Impact and Result

  • Distinguish blockchain from cryptocurrency by defining blockchain around its unique technological and security/reporting features. The definition should offer a clear understanding of the key characteristics and benefits that blockchain can offer your organization.
  • Discover successful blockchain use cases in different industries. Business leaders can leverage tangible, real-life examples to interpret the impact of blockchain on their own industry.
  • By analyzing the value to their business, users can understand pain points and use cases that would be impacted. Begin the transformation by brainstorming use cases for the organization based on its current security, reporting, and forensic needs.

Understanding Regulation With Blockchain Technology Research & Tools

Start here – read the Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why you should understand regulation with blockchain technology, review Info-Tech’s methodology, and understand the four ways we can support you in completing this project.

1. Evaluate how blockchain can disrupt data reporting

Understand blockchain through a business-centric definition. Discover use cases of blockchain across industries.

2. Build and evaluate an inventory of use cases

Envision how blockchain can enhance your organization’s key capabilities. Determine whether blockchain aligns with your enterprise.

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  • Call 3: Review the potential impact of blockchain on security and reporting and what it means to your organization.


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