Select and Implement the Right BPM Solution for the Organization

Vendor Evaluation


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Your Challenge

  • BPM technology is not a one-size-fits-all investment; unique evaluations and solution customization is required in order to deploy a solution that fits your organization.
  • BPM technology is not a plug-and-play technology; proper scoping, strong solution selection, and a well-planned implementation are critical for effective utilization of the BPM suite.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Leverage use cases: Base your vendor selection on your requirements and use case, not on their overall performance.
  • Phase your implementation: Start with processes that will provide quick wins. Select processes that are simple, and strategic.
  • Grow your process automation organically: Build on your pilot process and branch out to dependent and linked processes.

Impact and Result

  • Align your business and IT objectives for your desired BPM suite through a rigorous and comprehensive requirements gathering process that includes process mapping, stakeholder interviews, and IT architecture analysis.
  • Use Info-Tech’s BPM Vendor Landscape analysis to identify vendors in the marketplace that fit your organization’s needs based on your identified suite requirements and use case scenario results.
  • Don’t cut corners as you evaluate vendors, select a suite, or plan and perform your implementation. Conducting your due diligence as you perform your project will ensure that your organization will be able to fully reap the benefits of process automation.


  • Sandy Kemsley, Kemsley Design
  • Mark Watts, Independent Consultant
  • Eric Novikoff, COO, ENKI Corporation
  • Subhodip Bandyopadhyay, Carrefour India 
  • Julie Hunt, Consultant, Julie Hunt Consulting
  • George Barkley, CDO, Financial Services Organization
  • Scott Menter, VP of Solutions, BP Logix

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Get to Action

Start here – read the Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why you should select and implement the right BPM solution, review Info-Tech’s methodology, and understand the four ways we can support you in completing this project.

  1. Launch the BPM project

    Assess the value and identify the organization’s fit for BPM technology, and structure the BPM selection project.

  2. Analyze BPM requirements and shortlist vendors

    Gather and analyze BPM requirements, then produce a vendor shortlist.

  3. Select a BPM solution

    Evaluate RFPs, conduct vendor demonstrations, and select a BPM solution.

  4. Plan the BPM implementation

    Plan the BPM implementation and measure the value of the BPM suite.

Guided Implementation icon Guided Implementation

This guided implementation is a twelve call advisory process.

    Guided Implementation #1 - Launch the BPM selection project

  • Call #1: Identify organizational fit for BPM technology

  • Call #2: Identify staffing needs

  • Call #3: Create the Project Plan

  • Guided Implementation #2 - Analyze BPM requirements and shortlist vendors

  • Call #1: Plan requirements gathering steps

  • Call #2: Discuss use case fit assessment results

  • Call #3: Discuss the Vendor Landscape

  • Guided Implementation #3 - Select a BPM solution

  • Call #1: Create a procurement strategy

  • Call #2: Discuss evaluation results

  • Call #3: Conduct a contract review

  • Guided Implementation #4 - Plan the BPM implementation

  • Call #1: Create an implementation plan

  • Call #2: Discuss rollout of automated processes

  • Call #3: Hand over to operations

Onsite Workshop

Module 1: Launch a BPM Selection Project

The Purpose

  • Identify the scope and objectives of the workshop
  • Discuss the benefits and opportunities related to a BPM investment
  • Gain a high level understanding of BPM and the BPM market definitions and details.
  • Outline a project plan and identify the resourcing requirements for the projects

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Determine workshop scope
  • Identify the business drivers and benefits behind a BPM investment
  • Outline the project plan for the organization’s BPM selection project
  • Determine project resourcing
  • Identify/perform the steps to launch the organization’s selection project

Activities: Outputs:
1.1 Identify business drivers for investing in process automation technology
  • Completion of a project charter
1.2 Identify the organization’s fit for a BPM investment
  • Launched BPM selection project
1.3 Create a project plan
1.4 Identify project resourcing
1.5 Outline the project’s timeline
1.6 Determine key metrics
1.7 Determine project oversight
1.8 Complete a project charter

Module 2: Analyze BPM Requirement and Shortlist Vendors

The Purpose

  • Identify functional requirements for the organization’s BPM suite
  • Determine technical requirements for the organization’s BPM suite
  • Identify the organization’s alignment to the Vendor Landscape’s use case scenarios
  • Shortlist BPM vendors

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Documented functional requirements
  • Documented technical requirements
  • Identified use case scenarios for the future BPM solution

Activities: Outputs:
2.1 Interview business stakeholders
  • Documented requirements for the future solution
2.2 Interview IT staff
  • Identification of the organization’s BPM functional use case scenarios
2.3 Consolidate interview findings
  • Shortlist of BPM vendors
2.4 Identify use case scenario alignment
2.5 Review Info-Tech’s BPM Vendor Landscape results
2.6 Create custom shortlist

Module 3: Plan the Procurement Process

The Purpose

  • Identify the steps for the organization’s procurement process
  • Identify components of the organization’s RFP
  • Brainstorm contents of the demo script
  • Discuss the organization’s evaluation framework for BPM

Key Benefits Achieved

  • Action plan for performing an evaluation of shortlisted BPM vendors and procurement of a single solution

Activities: Outputs:
3.1 Debrief workshop results
  • Outlined procurement process
3.2 Scope procurement process
  • Scoped RFP
3.3 Outline RFP contents
  • Action plan for next steps regarding selecting and implementing a BPM suite
3.4 Outline framework for evaluating vendor solutions

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