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Optimize Your SQA Practice Using a Full Lifecycle Approach

Quality extends beyond just testing – you need a full lifecycle approach.

Many organizations focus on just testing as a measurement of quality, however, this is a limited view and often leads to poor deliverables despite investments in testing. The real issue is the focus on overall quality, not just what comes after development.

Your Challenge

  • QA needs to be involved in every step of the project lifecycle. To ensure a quality deliverable at the end, every step of the lifecycle must focus on quality.
  • Metrics must map to overall objectives that drive value. Metrics should not be geared towards performance but rather to business value and continuous improvement.
  • Design and development quality is limited by capacity. You need to have a committed approach to quality, which includes having sufficient resources to ensure quality.

Our Solution

  • Current state assessment.Through our guidance, you will gain an understanding of your QA gaps across the SDLC as well as gaps in metrics.
  • Establish common understanding. Our exercises will help you collaborate and drive out improvements through collaboration while making the necessary trade-offs.
  • Holistic QA framework. Our generic framework will be customized to your specific environment to ensure that quality is maintained throughout your entire SDLC as you mature.
  • Automation versus manual criteria. Our process will help you assess suitable candidates for automation along with costs and process impacts versus those areas that are better suited for a manual approach.
  • Measured value. Our program will help you identify the appropriate metrics across the SDLC that will map to business objectives to ensure alignment between overall quality initiatives and the business.

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Published: March 22, 2016
Last Revised: March 22, 2016

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