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Modernize Lottery Channels Through iLottery Selection

Leverage iLottery to modernize lottery channels, allowing your organization to reach more players and drive more revenue.

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  • Your lottery is having difficulty growing the organization’s revenue and is pursuing an iLottery initiative.
  • Your lottery cannot learn about the player journey solely through player-retail transactions, making it difficult to personalize the player experience and increase customer acquisition and retention.
  • COVID-19 has affected retail lottery sales and has accelerated the change in consumer behaviors.
  • With greater competition from the broader gaming industry in terms of digital convenience, game products, and player experience, collision is a real cause for concern for lottery if its traditional methods do not evolve.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • It is not enough to simply approve and implement iLottery; rather, the process needs to include and provide for the modernization and future-proofing of all lottery channels and revenues. With a long-term vendor contract on the table, ensure that your organization is equipped to tackle tomorrow’s challenges today.

Impact and Result

  • Determine the health of your current operations and processes as the first step towards your iLottery implementation.
  • Ensure your organization has examined potential risks and considerations when executing iLottery and has identified manageable solutions to conquer these hurdles.
  • Select an iLottery vendor and strategy that will be well received by the organization and your stakeholders: players, retailers, and legislators.

Modernize Lottery Channels Through iLottery Selection Research & Tools

Start here – read the Executive Brief

Read our concise Executive Brief to find out why you should implement an iLottery vendor selection strategy, review Info-Tech’s methodology, and understand the four ways we can support you in completing this project.

1. Assess the current state

Realize the need for modernizing your current systems and processes before implementing your iLottery solution.

2. Identify risks and considerations

Determine the risks and considerations involved with iLottery by analyzing the expectations and roles of your four major stakeholders: legislators, players, retailers, and your iLottery vendor.

3. Analyze iLottery vendors

Evaluate the vendors in the iLottery space and develop your RFP before ultimately selecting your long-term partner.

Unlock a Free Sample

Leverage iLottery to modernize lottery channels, allowing your organization to reach more players and drive more revenue.

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Guided Implementation 1: Assess the current state
  • Call 1: Discuss iLottery and gain an understanding of where your organization is currently.
  • Call 2: Create an iLottery working group and identify applicable regulations.
  • Call 3: Identify and measure your technical debt.
  • Call 4: Evaluate your incumbent vendor’s performance.

Guided Implementation 2: Identify risks and considerations
  • Call 1: Define your iLottery system’s outsourcing model and develop security control requirements.
  • Call 2: Develop journey maps and determine your player experience requirements.
  • Call 3: Define the sourcing model and identify the target state of sourcing for business capabilities.
  • Call 4: Conduct final requirements gathering to build your requirements package.

Guided Implementation 3: Analyze iLottery vendors
  • Call 1: Assess the vendor landscape and shortlist the iLottery vendors.
  • Call 2: Develop your iLottery RFP.


Larry Fretz

Monica Pagtalunan


  • Kelley-Jaye Cleland, Chief Product & Program Officer, New Hampshire Lottery
  • Keith Morgan, Information Technology Director, West Virginia Lottery
  • Ken Morris, Chief Executive Officer, 4 Leaf Lotto
  • Syed Hussain, Chief Information Officer, Oregon Lottery
  • 4 anonymous contributors
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