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Integrated Casino Industry Reference Architecture

Capability maps, value streams, and strategy maps for integrated casinos.

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  • Business leadership requires a unified and validated view of integrated casino business capabilities that helps CIOs and casino, hotel, and restaurant leadership accelerate the strategy design process and that aligns initiatives, investments, and strategy.
  • The business and IT often focus on a project, ignoring the holistic impact and value of an overarching value stream and business capability view.

Our Advice

Critical Insight

  • Using an industry-specific reference architecture is central, and has many benefits, to organizational priorities. It’s critical to understanding, modeling, and communicating the operating environment and the direction of the organization, but more significantly, to enabling measurable top-line organizational outcomes and the unlocking of direct value.

Impact and Result

  • Demonstrate the value of IT’s role in supporting your integrated casino's capabilities while highlighting the importance of proper alignment between organizational and IT strategies.
  • Apply reference architecture techniques such as strategy maps, value streams, and capability maps to design usable and accurate blueprints of your integrated casino operations.
  • Assess your initiatives and priorities to determine if you are investing in the right capabilities. Conduct capability assessments to identify opportunities and to prioritize projects.

Integrated Casino Industry Reference Architecture Research & Tools

1. Accelerate the strategy design process

Leverage a validated view of the integrated casino’s business capabilities to realize measurable top-line business outcomes and unlock direct value.

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Capability maps, value streams, and strategy maps for integrated casinos.

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Guided Implementation 1: Build your organization’s capability map
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Guided Implementation 2: Use business capabilities to define strategic focus
  • Call 1: Define and create value streams.
  • Call 2: Model level 1 business capability maps.
  • Call 3: Map value streams to business capabilities.

Guided Implementation 3: Assess key capabilities for planning priorities
  • Call 1: Create a strategy map.
  • Call 2: Introduce Info-Tech's capability assessment framework.

Guided Implementation 4: Adopt capability-based strategy planning
  • Call 1: Review capability assessment map(s).
  • Call 2: Discuss and review prioritization of key capability gaps and plan next steps.


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