Meet the Utility, Oil & Gas, and Natural Resources Executive Services Leadership Team

Author(s): Scott Holland, Chris Key, Dale McCook, George Goodall

Meet Your Dedicated Utility, Oil & Gas, and Natural Resources Leadership Team

Today, it is universally accepted that digital transformation is imperative for any organization that wishes to remain relevant and competitive. For many, it will be the difference between survival and obsolescence. And yet, digital transformation success remains elusive, with many more examples of failure than success. The Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Natural Resources industries are big and complex in nature and like many are challenged in achieving success. Info-Tech’s dedicated research and advisory teams have been supporting them through their transformational journeys by providing material and support across key IT initiatives and personal benefits in the form of professional development coaching, peer networking, and career advancement as they build an Exponential IT Mindset and embrace autonomization.

Our team combines deep industry expertise and practitioner experience that can align your needs with the wealth of value-based Info-Tech products and services. They help you get the most out of your membership by creating a custom plan for using our research and advisory services to deliver your key initiatives and solve the problems you face.

Scott Holland, Managing Partner, Utilities/Oil & Gas/Natural Resources Industries
(Maryland, US)
In my 40+ years in IT, I have had the pleasure of working with some wonderful leaders and marquee companies. I’ve helped companies transform their IT organizations and have led digital transformation initiatives internally and externally. Over the years, I have provided insights, best practices, and practitioner experiences on how to accelerate an organization’s transformational journey in a digital era for and across G&A functions. Companies under my direction have significantly improved efficiency and effectiveness while becoming much more business focused, leading to improving measurable business value. I lead a team of Executive Counselors and Advisors, serving clients in the Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Natural Resources industries. I love working with the team and mentoring them as they grow in their careers.

Chris Key, Executive Counsellor
(Austin, TX)

Over the span of my 20+ year career, I have managed a global technology research and advisory practice where I was a trusted advisor to numerous well-respected global companies. I have developed and led Information technology benchmarking on a global scale. I am well versed in the impacts IT can have on the business and corporate functions and am passionate about how IT can be an enabler for helping to advance the business and driving value. I really enjoy working directly with and coaching technology leaders – I am driven by their success and always thrilled to influence positive outcomes.

Dale McCook, Executive Advisor
(Arlington, VA)

My journey in information technology and business leadership spans over 30 years in both the private and public sectors, including managing large-scale projects at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority of New York. With a heart for truly understanding client needs due to my roots starting as a technology consultant, I strive to develop innovative IT solutions through a balanced blend of people, technology, strategy, and process. The most fulfilling part for me is empowering teams to be innovative and deliver their best, driving both productivity and cost optimization, and ultimately, transforming organizations.

George Goodall, Sr. Executive Advisor
(London, ON)

In my long tenure at Info-Tech, I’ve covered a wide variety of topics as an analyst. Many Info-Tech members know me for my analysis of the enterprise application market, including ERP and content management. Most recently, I’ve focused specifically on the unique challenges of our small enterprise, utilities, and natural resource clients. I began my career as a civil engineer before earning an advanced degree in library and information science. I continue to focus on addressing the problems of our clients through people, process, governance, and technology (ideally, in that order!).

Info-Tech continues to be one of the world’s fastest growing information technology research and advisory companies. With this growth has come the expansion of other services including a dedicated focus on digital transformation, an IT benchmarking service, and our commitment to continuous improvements as we have updated our already proven industry research, guided implementations, workshops, and diagnostics to support the latest industry trends.

How we help our members succeed

The Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Natural Resources Team provides practical, actionable research and advice that guides Business and Technology leaders on how to accelerate delivery of their key initiatives by leveraging Info-Tech’s core products:

Key Initiative Plans

In-Depth Research Centers

Comprehensive, Connected Blueprints

Actionable Diagnostic-Driven Insights

Consulting Quality Deliverables

The Canadian Public Sector team builds and maintains a custom, evergreen plan for how to leverage our research and advisory services to accelerate the delivery of your key initiatives.

Provide members with one stop for all the blueprints related to key IT practice areas and topics to help you go even deeper on initiatives that matter to you.

Leverage unlimited independent and analyst-guided access to our detailed, step-by-step guides and production-ready templates that accelerate the delivery of your key initiatives.

Our diagnostics team produces industry benchmark backed assessments of your organization to help you to target the right initiatives and assess improvements
over time.

We do more than talk. We roll up our sleeves and create consulting quality deliverables for all our advisory, executive, concierge, workshops, and consulting services.

When you look beyond Info-Tech's mantra of better research, you’ll quickly see exactly what we mean. Every publication is a practical, research-backed guide supported by actionable advice on how to overcome the challenges technology leaders face today. We produce unbiased and highly relevant research to help CIOs and IT leaders make strategic, timely, and well-informed decisions that deliver value to the enterprise. Our practitioner approach separates us from others and provides a variety of ways for your organization to leverage assets and IP, drive greater levels of efficiency, increase IT value proposition, and ultimately, optimize cost. Our members have shared that we operate in a true partnership manner and have said we offer a pricing model that is more affordable than others.

Our perspective on the current state of Digital Utilities, Oil & Gas, Natural Resources industries

Today, it is universally accepted that digital transformation is imperative for any organization that wishes to remain relevant and competitive. For many, it will be the difference between survival and obsolescence. And yet, digital transformation success remains elusive, with many more examples of failure than success.

IT leaders will have to lead the charge through the inherent uncertainties and opportunities. All IT leaders and organizations are at risk of falling behind because of not adopting new technologies fast enough. They will have to develop and prioritize new practices and leverage exponential technologies to create business value and results, both for IT and for their organization. AI is taking over as a top priority for many organizations. Unfortunately, based on initial findings, the Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Natural Resources industries are still early adopters.

Exponential IT is a framework (Exponential IT Research Center) defined by Info-Tech Research Group to instruct IT leaders across all IT domains on how to elevate their maturity and value creation capabilities and close the gap between the exponential progression of technological change and the linear progression of IT's ability to successfully manage that change. Four major priorities have emerged in the Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Natural Resources industries as foundational in their efforts to digitally transform IT and embrace the world of AI capabilities.

Unlock Exponential IT Capabilities for Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Natural Resources

Capitalize on the Commoditization of IT

Go beyond a digital strategy to lead the business while providing safeguards against risk and provide the governance to ensure there is conformality to set standards, practices, and policies.

Exponential IT for Strategy, Risk, and Governance

Automate and Focus on High-Value Activities

Implement a stronger, well-governed model for prioritizing demand that aligns to delivering value base business needs and ensures resources are working on the right projects.

Exponential IT for Project and Portfolio Management

Make Data Capabilities a Differentiator

Bring together data strategy, governance, architecture, management, and data literacy to unleash the power of data in your organization.

Exponential IT for Data and Analytics

Shift From Reactive to Predictive

Build a robust security practice based on a holistic strategy based on zero trust, a team with the right capability and capacity, and insurance against incidents.

Exponential IT for Security and Privacy

Build Foundational IT Capabilities

Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Natural Resources Industries Research Resources

Info-Tech is well known for our practical, actionable blueprints and templates. We also have a rich body of content focused across all industries that will accelerate your key initiatives. Here are some examples of how you can make the most of your membership by leveraging Info-Tech’s resources to achieve your priorities:

Generative AI Use Case Library for the Utilities Industry

Utilities Business-Aligned IT Strategy

Utilities Business Intelligence Report

Utilities Data Analytics Report

Utilities IT Stakeholder Satisfaction Benchmarking Report

Utilities Cybersecurity Report

Utilities IT Management & Governance Benchmarking Report

Utilities IT/OT Convergence Report

Our Take

The Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Natural Resources Team is here to help our members and provide an experience that not only drives value but also creates a true partnership. We want to be part of their team and be included in strategic discussions that ultimately transform the way they work, create a better customer experience, and help to advance the business. We’re also always looking for people who want to make a difference to join the team or contribute to building better research than anyone else has for the Utilities, Oil & Gas, and Natural Resources industries. If you have a passion for one of these industries and are looking to help your colleagues drive exponential IT, our supporting team would love to hear from you!

Jing Wu, Principal Research Director

(Ottawa, ON)

Jing is a dedicated research analyst specializing in the utility sector, driving strategic insights to our global utility members. She helps our members achieve impactful outcomes by drawing upon her extensive experience collaborating with utility industry leaders, her in-depth knowledge of utility sector trends, and practical methodologies. Check out the latest Utility research reports and tools!

Natalia Zaslavsky, Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist

(Toronto, ON)

Natalia loves to connect with prospective thought leaders and Executive Counsellors to share richer insights about Info-Tech and exciting opportunities that might be a great fit for them. You can apply for one of our open positions here or connect with her for an introductory conversation about how you might be able to help make a difference by email at nzaslavsky [at]

David Tomljenovic, Head of Natural Resources Industry Research

(Toronto, ON)

David divides his time between producing research and providing advisory services in the natural resources sector with a focus on mining and oil and gas. Prior to Info-Tech, he spent many years working at a globally recognized natural resource focused hedge fund in Toronto, Canada. While there he traveled around the world, gaining first-hand knowledge of mining and oil and gas projects while working with renowned experts in the resource industry.

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